Updated: Oct 26, 2018

A step by step guide on how to swap self sabotage for self love


You want into the self love club, huh?


I'm going to cut straight to the chase here - you need to eliminate the bullshit stories you keep telling yourself.

I know, I know... but Caity; 'I'm not confident', 'I don't have anything nice to say about myself', 'I'm ugly/shy/overweight'... 'i don't have any friends', 'no one loves me'... blah blah blah.

just... stop.

You see the thing with stories like these is just this: you make them up. So step one in joining the self love club is simple. Stop feeding your mind garbage thoughts and try this instead...


Get clear on what you love. If you can't think of anything start with what you like and we will build from there.

(yeah babes, you're going to want to journal this shit. *picks up pen and paper*).

“Remember who you are. Before you checked the scales, your bank account or your instagram following. Know who you are; your raw, true self."


Go deeper.

For arguments sake lets say you wrote down 'i love my sense of humour'. Sweet! WHY? dig deeper, get in there. Is it because you can laugh at yourself or because you can dish out mad banter?

Maybe you wrote something like, 'I love how kind i am'. Great! How are you kind? Do you smile at strangers? Volunteer at the dogs home? Bake cookies for your grandma?

The more specific the better.


Grow said list everyday. Don't limit yourself to particular categories. Pull out all the stops! From: I love my eyes to i love the way I can nail a slut drop on demand.


Stare into a mirror, deep into your own eyes and say it to yourself. Aloud. Say them all. Every morning and every night until you no longer feel like a fraud.

I don't need to tell you when you have been accepted into the self love club. Oh don't you worry babe... you'll know it. 🖤

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