Why GRL in PWR


We believe in the positive impact that results from women empowering women. 


We believe in chasing dreams whilst backing yourself and each other. 


We believe in the power of going all in and that our individuality is what defines us and makes us special 

We have a dream of a supportive, loving and empowering community where differences and goals are celebrated, a place where women are encouraged to drop their judgements of themselves and others. We imagine a space where everyone is able to become the best versions of their magical selves 

Meet The Team

What we do


We hold all types of events including retreats, workshops, fundraisers, cocktail evenings and provide schools with talks and educational workshops



We share with you everything from health, goal setting and self-empowerment tools 



We give you access to some pretty amazing humans who do some pretty epic shit!  


Look babe, if we're honest... We do a whole heap of amazing things that fill our own soul (and hopefully yours!) with happiness. 


We love hearing from you! Reach out to us with any and all of your feedback and suggestions. This is your space too! 


Caity Walker 

- Growth, Health, Positivity, Ambition, Compassion, Play -


26, Personal Trainer


"Be who you needed when you were younger"



All I want from life is soul deep, electrifying human connection... and a whole heap of fun.